• Yzr : SaaS data normalization tool with built in taxonomies

    automated data normalization

  • yzr is a SaaS company

    we build and automate data normalization processes for data-driven companies

  • from data messiness to AI readiness

    what will you do when your company will be data scienced?

    • you will automatise some of your most people voracious processes and save time.
    • your BI team will perform realtime analytics in beautiful dashboards and you will better understand your business.
    • your supply team will predict demand with much more accuracy and you will save time and money.
    • your marketing team will score leads and POS and you will increase sells.
    • ...
    it would be a shame to miss these opportunities.

    without data governance, your data science projects are dumb.

    as we always say: "garbage in, garbage out!”.

    the promises of artificial intelligence often obviate the fact that an algorithm is not an entity in itself, it is only a source code developed by a human that determines the 'statistical procedure' performed on and through data.


    data governance gets therefore a fundamental importance.

  • what we do

    we enable data innovation and artificial intelligence scalability

    we unveil the full potential of your data assets

    we provide consulting to build and maintain data governance organisation and processes.

    we implement data normalization in your processes with automation

    we automate data governance processes with machine learning and our built-in taxonomies.

  • yzr is founded by experts in data science and data governance

    Management team

    Sébastien Garcin  Co-Founder & President of yzr

    Sébastien Garcin

    Corporate Chef

    (ENSCI - Les Ateliers)

    Sébastien is a recognized visionar in data and marketing. He is former Chief Marketing and Data Officer of a world leading FMCG.

    'When was your last data driven decision? Stop believing, start measuring!'

    Jean-Philippe Poisson Co-Founder & CEO of yzr

    Jean-Philippe Poisson

    Business Wizard

    (Sciences Po Aix, Kedge BS, Executive MBA HEC Paris)

    Jean-Philippe is a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded one of the leading digital transformation consulting firms in France.

    'Digital transformation was a ripple compared to the data revolution tsunami!'

    Marc Aurèle Foucart Co-Founder & Deputy General Manager of yzr

    Marc Aurèle Foucart

    Data Jedi

    (American University of Paris, Ecole de Management Léonard de Vinci , IAE of Paris)

    Starting his career at Google, Marc Aurèle is a performance data expert. For the past 15 years, he has been accompanying top tier international groups to implement data driven business decision making.

    “In God we trust. All others must bring data.” – W. Edwards Deming

    Arjun Chatterjee Head Of Technology

    Arjun Chatterjee

    Code Commander

    (EISTI, University of Cergy-Pontoise, International school of Paris)

    Arjun is a Full Stack Data Scientist and Engineer. Having led the data science teams at data driven companies like Make.org and Dunnhumby, he is obsessed with Innovation and AI. Taming the data beast is his passion.

    “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” Sherlock Holmes.

  • we are hiring!

    join us to drive corporates into the data era

    python developers


    You are positive and caring. You like to share and you love to learn. You are not afraid by chaos however you seek for order. Having fun while working is a priority for you. You are he, she or whatever.

    You have a very strong background in machine learning, programming and statistics - including exposure to data integration/fusion, conjoint and working with digital data.

    customer success managers


    You are positive and caring. You like to share and you love to learn. You are not afraid by chaos however you seek for order. Having fun while working is a priority for you. You are he, she or whatever.

    You've focused on educating customers on the abilities of SaaS solutions that will best meet their specific business needs and plans. You've managed relationships with enterprise customers throughout the sales lifecycle to ensure their ROI and overall satisfaction is met.


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